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SurveyMonkey Audience Premium offers enhanced market research services, from training to targeting to tracker management.

A full suite of market research services

Survey consultation

Our survey scientists work with your team so you can set up effective surveys easily and feel confident in your results.

Tracker management

Audience experts can manage your multi-wave tracking studies so you can focus on making decisions guided by market trends.

Survey translation

We facilitate native translation of both surveys and open-ended responses to make your market research truly global.

Custom data tables

We can provide stat-tested data tables for multi-wave, multi-country studies or for in-depth demographic segmentation.

B2B targeting

IT decision-makers? Marketing managers? We help you find the right professionals in the right industries.

Low-incidence targeting

Our team has access to respondents on multiple panels and to niche targets not available on our self-serve platform.

Express delivery

Need to beat that deadline? We can accelerate data collection so your project fields in hours instead of days.

Team trainings

We offer training sessions that enable your whole team to conduct effective market research based on industry best practices.

Dedicated support

Our Audience panel experts work to understand your business needs and provide tailored market research guidance.

How can our experts help? Let’s talk

How we helped a consumer goods company run a successful global brand tracking program

This fast-growing brand wanted to track international awareness and perception without having to wait months for results from an expensive full-service agency. We boosted their confidence in designing and fielding surveys on their own with a strategically tailored engagement.

  • 3 survey design sessions with our experts
  • French and German translation services
  • Sampling consultation for targeting and frequency
  • Management of each wave of the study
  • Stat-tested data tables across waves

How we enabled a scalable DIY market research program at a financial services firm

A buy-side investment firm had some analysts running real-time market research but faced issues rolling out this capability across other teams. Our market research services made the difference.

  • Team-wide access to SurveyMonkey Enterprise
  • Customized survey library
  • On-site training for 15 analysts
  • Individual review for analysts’ first few surveys
  • Ongoing dedicated support
Julia Bland
Julia Bland
Business Development Coordinator

Julia says our expert support is one of the reasons she does business with Audience

“It’s really amazing customer support. That’s one of SurveyMonkey’s competitive advantages.”

Helix Sleep
Johnson and Johnson

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