Have you visited the Digital Library of Korean Literature?

If yes, here is your chance to feedback on it and possibly get a $10 Amazon gift card.
50 respondents will be chosen among those answered and the survey closes next Friday Nov. 10. 
Thank you so much for participating.

* 1. How did you first hear about the library?

* 2. How often do you visit our library website?

* 3. Why have you visit to the Digital Library?

* 4. What is your favorite menu at the library website? (*Multiple choices possible)

* 5. What type of content would you like to find at the future library website?

* 6. Please rate our library web pages based on the following aspects:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
Homepage contents
Overall organization
Ease of searching & navigation
Contents description
Webpage speed & performance

* 7. How would you rate our library services overall?

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
Overall library services

* 8. How can we improve our library services? Send us your ideas and suggestions.

* 9. Personal Information

LTI Korea collects the minimum required personal information to provide you with optimal service.
The information you provide will be used only for the event, and all personal information will be destroyed immediately after the purpose has been fulfilled.

Thank you for participating in our feedback events!

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Your feedback will help us to continually improve our library services 
50 respondents will be chosen among those answered before November 17, 2017.
You can find the results on the Digital Library or new arrivals in November.  

Many thanks,
LTI Korea Library Team