100% Cloud Based Business Intelligence and Data Management Platform
100% Cloud Based, works on any device and browser
Data connectivity: 250+ native connectors to business applications, databases, and more through API with our Web Services
Data Warehouse and ETL features: centralize your data and manage it easily from a single place
Collaboration and White Label features: share dashboards with live links, embed them in your website, portal, application and remove ClicData from everywhere

ClicData is the first 100% cloud-based, fully automated Business Intelligence solution that simplifies data management and analysis. You can centralize all your business data in a single data-warehouse and create beautiful and interactive dashboards that you can share automatically. 

With ClicData you can:

* Connect your Survey data and schedule data refreshes up to the minute

* Centralize all your business data in a single data warehouse. Connect your data from 250+ data sources such as CRM systems, ERPs, Marketing applications, campaign accounts, Survey Monkey, flat files, cloud storage applications... and many other applications through APIs and our Web Services connectors. 

* Combine your data sets from different sources using our intuitive ETL features (combine, cleanse, standardize, transform...) 

* Create beautiful dashboards with our drag and drop designer (50+ visualization widgets available) 

* Collaborate with your team, partners or customers: share your dynamic dashboards with our live links, no license needed for the viewers. 

* White label capabilities and embedded dashboards: you can make ClicData your own reporting application and remove our brand from everywhere (platform, notifications, domain, emails...). Embed your branded dashboards into your portal, internal application or website. 

ClicData also comes with online support (webinars, tutorials, documentation) but you can also ask our Support and Business Analysts some help through the in-app chat, support tickets or even book consultations. Whether you need assistance or not, ClicData is designed to help you get the most out of your data and grow your business.