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No matter how much you focus on hiring a diverse workforce, you’re not actually moving the needle if your employees don’t feel a sense of belonging. For diversity and inclusion efforts to succeed, it’s important to look beyond demographics, using data to uncover what makes a culture truly inclusive. The data you gather can be a guide for creating an environment of inclusiveness in the workplace where all employees can thrive.

Trying to build a D&I program that supports all your employees? Our end-to-end guide includes free templates and expert advice for building an inclusive company culture.

diversity survey template

We’ve created a survey template that focuses on three key components of inclusion, each based on research by Stanford University experts Carol Dweck, Greg Walton, and Geoffrey Cohen.

  • Growth Mindset: Does your company have a “Culture of Genius” that suggests talent, abilities, and intelligence are fixed traits? This can hinder feelings of belonging and growth, especially for people from underrepresented groups.
  • Belonging: Feeling that you don’t belong can be incredibly taxing and is often related to social identity. How do different groups experience belonging at your company?
  • Objectivity: Is there a perception in your organization that advancement isn’t based on fair and transparent criteria?

Our survey was designed in partnership with Paradigm, a leader in diversity and inclusion strategy, to help companies take a data-driven approach to measuring inclusion that draws on behavioral science.

  • Vetted by survey experts: Tested with a diverse audience to comprehensively address inclusion and provide accessibility for all groups.
  • Track record of success: Based on concepts proven to positively affect student wellbeing and success in school. Translated to meet requirements for the workplace.
  • Measurable impact: Fight employee attrition. Our tests show a relationship between the answers to these questions and stated likelihood to stay in their job.
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