Customer centricity survey template

Do your employees feel connected to your customers?

Instilling a culture of true customer centricity in your company can be a challenging task. Where do you start? Where should you focus? Do your employees actually feel like they know your customers? Do they think your organization is prioritizing the customer appropriately? It turns out that all of these factors are measurable, and getting to the bottom of them can be incredibly useful for deciding how you shape your customer centricity strategy. Use this survey as a diagnostic tool for assessing your company’s customer centricity—and for spotting areas where you can improve it.

customer centricity survey template preview

Build, guide, and improve your customer centricity program with the help of data from SurveyMonkey’s customer centricity survey template.

  • Assess: Get hard numbers to help you understand how connected to customers your employees feel.
  • Prioritize: Find out where your efforts can have the most impact and identify which programs or efforts are effective.
  • Refine: Focus in on different departments or groups and measure the progress of your efforts over time.
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