No student should feel unsafe in school

Help students thrive in their schools & communities.

SurveyMonkey is proud to support the White House’s call to action to address bullying in schools.

We firmly believe that for students to thrive in their schools and communities, they need to feel—and be—safe. In order to foster a supportive environment, it’s important to learn how students are feeling so that you can identify areas for improvement.

We offer a wide variety of education survey templates that allow educational professionals to assess several factors that contribute to the well-being and safety of young learners. Many educators use surveys or online forms to assess family/school relationships, educational outcomes, school climate, student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, and more.

For example, want to ask parents and students how likely they are to recommend your campus as a safe environment? Send them a Net Promoter® Score (NPS) survey so that you can compare your results to other schools. Then use them to set goals to improve your anti-bullying efforts.

Additionally, make sure the entire educational community is working together to promote safety at school, starting with teachers. Teachers are an invaluable resource to combat bullying, especially when they’re passionate about their jobs. Send an employee engagement survey to them to ensure they’re happy and engaged.

Below you’ll find a link to our anti-bullying survey template. Plus, you’ll find even more ways you can use education, school, and academic online surveys to promote a happier, healthier environment for future generations.

  • Anti-bullying survey. Does bullying exist in your school? How frequently do students get made fun of, feel threatened, or get insulted? Is there a certain age group (preschoolers, teens, young adults) that’s more susceptible to getting bullied? We’ve created an anti-bullying survey that any student can use to express how safe they feel.
  • Parental support. How busy are your students’ parents, and to what extent do their schedules prevent them from active involvement in school functions? Do transportation-related challenges or a lack of adequate childcare hinder parents from getting more involved in their children’s schools? Find out by sending out a parental support survey. Also, how does parental involvement affect student performance? Take a look at our K-12 Parent Survey, developed with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to get answers.
  • Student fit survey. Go directly to the source: students themselves. Do they feel a strong sense of belonging at school? How comfortable do students feel asking teachers, coaches, nurses, and other staff for help? Use a school program fit survey to find out.
  • School climate. To what extent does your child enjoy going to her school? How much does your child’s school value diversity, and how much respect does your child have for the school staff and teachers? What do administrators do to ensure that students feel safe in the classroom, on the playground, and on all school grounds? Better understand your school’s environment with our school climate survey.
  • School support. How well does your child do socially at school? Is your child apt to talk about problems he or she might be experiencing with peers, and if so, how often? How well do you know your child’s friends? All of these questions, available in a parental support survey, are important to ask in assessing your child’s social interactions and how they might contribute to or detract from her well-being.

Get the answers you need with SurveyMonkey survey templates. Save time with certified survey questions using our professional education survey templates, developed by our team of survey scientists. Use our existing education survey templates and customize it with your school colors, logo, and more. You’ll be well on your way to making better decisions and creating safer places for students to grow, learn, and play.

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