Put our market research experts to work

From training to translations to tracking—get more out of your data with help from our global market research services.

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Create a customized package of products and services that meet your needs, including: 

  • Survey platform
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Product training
  • Customized survey templates 
  • Pre-launch survey design review 
  • Complementary qualification rate tests
  • Access to niche and B2B targeting
  • Manual launch of complex projects

Select individual market research services anytime you need them.

Get your surveys translated by native speakers into over 50 languages to make your market research truly global. And receive open-ended responses translated back into English for easy analysis.

Leave it to our market research experts to make sure your multi-wave tracking studies are launched on time and to the right target audience, so you can focus on making decisions guided by market trends.

Let our product specialists design and/or program your survey into your SurveyMonkey account for you, with all the necessary logic and best practices applied.

Make sense of your results with custom configured dashboards. Or, opt for cross-tabulation reports that include statistical testing to uncover significant differences between respondent segments.

How can our experts help? Let’s talk!

How we helped a consumer goods company run a successful global brand tracking program:

  • 3 survey design sessions with our experts
  • French and German translation services 
  • Sampling consultation for targeting and frequency
  • Management of each wave of the study
  • Stat-tested data tables across waves

How we helped a financial services firm deploy a scalable DIY market research program: 

  • Team-wide access to SurveyMonkey Enterprise 
  • Customized survey library
  • On-site training for 15 analysts
  • Individual review for analysts’ first few surveys
  • Ongoing dedicated support

“It’s really amazing support. That’s one of SurveyMonkey’s competitive advantages.”

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Business Development Coordinator, Tweezerman

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