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While SurveyMonkey makes creating, conducting, and analyzing an online survey super simple, we know that sometimes the hardest part is figuring out how to ask that first question. Whether you’re looking for a survey template, or just need some inspiration from sample questions, we are here to help.

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How sample survey questions can help

When it comes to analyzing the responses you collect, the questionnaire data is only as good as the questions you’ve asked. A leading question like, “Why don’t you like your job?” assumes an awful lot about your survey participants and may give you inaccurate results. Similarly, if you don’t provide an “Other” option for a question, you may force your survey-takers to pick an answer that doesn’t reflect how they really feel.

We know that one of the reasons you’re choosing to create your survey online instead of on paper is because you want to do less work, not more. And that’s why we created Question Bank, our exclusive library of expert-certified questions on popular survey topics. These methodologically sound questions reduce bias and give you more accurate responses. We make it easy to avoid survey slip-ups because we comply with survey best practices by using expert-certified Likert scales and effective question types.

Our most popular survey questions

Every year, we get answers for over 20 million questions daily. When we reviewed the types of questions our customers most frequently create—while maintaining customer privacy and anonymity—we found that the most popular questions were usually within our survey templates.

Below is an ordered list that shows the seven most popular templates as they now appear in our Question Bank. Once signed in to your account, you can start building your survey or questionnaire with these example questions—no matter what service or product you offer—and you can modify them to fit your specific survey requirements.

Choose a template below to preview sample questions. Most templates are available in English only:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Employee satisfaction template
  3. Customer service template
  4. Market research template
  5. Public school survey
  6. 360 degree employee evaluation
  7. K-12 parent survey (in collaboration with Harvard)
Most popular survey question types

From yes-no to essay style, we offer over a dozen types of survey questions. The most popular (and often the most useful) are multiple choice questions, but different question types serve different purposes. Learn more about choosing the right question type and writing good survey questions.

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Ready to build and send your survey? Start with one of our expert-designed survey templates, or build your own using the certified questions available in our Question Bank. We also provide guides on how to write good survey questions, calculate a sample size, as well as create and conduct surveys. Explore those too!

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