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Think you know what is going to happen during the year’s most notable sporting event?American football’s biggest annual game gets more viewers each year than the population of many European countries. The stakes are incredibly high, and the country always gathers round to watch, speculate, and cheer their favorite team on. And trying to guess what is going to happen is half of the fun!

This survey enables you to coordinate with family and friends, coworkers, guests at a viewing party, or anyone else to see who has the best football foresight—no expertise needed. Make predictions about the score, MVP, coin toss winner, and more.

The questions are customizable, so you can add your own additional questions or delete ones you don’t like. You could even get creative and add questions about the advertisements or half-time show to even the playing field for people who might not be such avid football fans.

Whether you’re betting for stakes or just competing for bragging rights, this quick survey adds a fun, interactive element to your viewing experience.

Good luck!

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