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Website feedback surveys

What generates sales, boosts brand awareness, gathers market segmentation demographics on potential customers, and helps consumers find your business?

Your website. And what can block sales, confuse consumers, and ruin your company’s reputation? You guessed it. Your website.

Your website can either help or harm your company in all sorts of ways. And unfortunately, it can be difficult to really measure customer intent and gauge how well your website is performing unless you talk to real consumers about their real experiences as they browse your site.

An online website feedback survey can help you do just that. Consumers give feedback on what’s working, what’s missing, and what’s broken. Those are customer insights your development team can use to boost your company’s effectiveness online.

Get real website behavior insights, right now. Send out customer feedback questions and you’ll be collecting website user feedback in minutes. Our online survey templates are written by experts to get you data you can count on.

Sit right next to your customers as they walk through your website with a real-time website feedback questionnaire. Here, a sample of clients who are already online answer questions about their experience as they visit. Or, tap into a group of potential clients that have never seen your site before with our SurveyMonkey Audience tool.

What words do your readers like, and what words turn them off? Find out just what sorts of phrases speak to consumers in your target market, and use that data to train your writers.

Use a survey to concept test a new website idea long before you invest time and money in a redesign. Show two ideas side by side, or test just one to see what consumers really think.

Perform brand research with your online website feedback polls to learn what sites your customers like just a little more than yours. That information could fuel intensive marketing homework sessions, in which you assess those competitor sites and come up with ideas to modify your own.

It’s likely you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your website. And the feedback you collect will help you make improvements. But no matter how well your website is performing when it comes to engagement or design, your competitors may be doing even better.

That’s why it’s a good idea to compare your website feedback scores against industry benchmarks. When you know how your website is performing relative to others, you get a greater understanding of where you need to focus your efforts.

We have a number of different tools that can help you to both understand your audience and reach them where they live. With surveys, you can:

To help you really understand your customers’ experience, we can help you automate feedback surveys for your website or any customer touchpoint. Learn more.

Facebook or Twitter? Pinterest or Instagram? Make an informed choice and save valuable PR time by learning about people’s online and social networking preferences with a social media survey. Find out what sites your consumers check obsessively, and what sites they ignore.

Make sure the prices listed on your website are affordable for your key consumers with by sending out a monthly household expenses survey to people in your target demographic. Gauge how much money your consumers have to spend, and find out what sorts of things tempt them to bend spending rules.

Measure everything from convenience to professionalism with our customer satisfaction surveys. Find out just how happy your current customers are right now, and identify key areas for improvement you can highlight on your website via sample market research questions. And with our Net Promoter® Score survey question and template, find out how likely your website visitors are to recommend your site to friends and family.

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