SurveyMonkey + Salesforce

Convert more prospects, create happier customers, and drive results for your business.

  • Automatically trigger surveys after a transaction or other event to keep track of customer sentiment.
  • Spot positive trends and possible trouble spots by monitoring CSAT, NPS, and other customer ratings at various touchpoints.
  • Ensure customer cases are resolved to their satisfaction with post-case follow-up surveys.
  • Learn what drives higher retention rates and growth impact by seeing all of your customer data in one place.

“The SurveyMonkey and Salesforce integration has helped every department see customer feedback in an instant…helps with finance queries, support, and our sales and account management teams. This also helps how we approach our customers and gives us a 360 view.”

Zoe Gloyn
Customer Experience Manager
Bookatable by Michelin

  • Give your sales team better data about prospects so they can have more meaningful conversations.
  • Trigger surveys after events or webinars and get response data tied back to the opportunity.
  • Send win-loss surveys to understand key drivers for your sales motion and make improvements.
  • Learn more about your prospects to better identify hot leads in your CRM and create more personalized campaigns.
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With our Salesforce integration, you’re only 4 steps away from making a positive business impact.

  1. Start sending out surveys using automated triggers from standard and custom objects.
  2. Continue to enrich your data by leveraging any existing SurveyMonkey surveys and mapping them to any Salesforce object.
  3. Analyze the real-time prospect and customer feedback in your Salesforce database. Quickly create reports or dashboards to keep your team informed about your findings.
  4. With richer insights, you can take action: follow up with customers and prospects, decide on new strategies, and more.

See everything from post-case feedback to CSAT ratings right inside Salesforce.

Get the details you need to truly tailor sales conversations with prospects.

Spend more time converting leads or delighting customers with automated surveys.

Start right away in just a few simple steps. No training required!

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