Al Baraka Bank captures customer feedback with SurveyMonkey

Adhila Vally, a consumer insights manager at Al Baraka Bank, relies on SurveyMonkey to gather customer feedback.

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The financial services industry is highly competitive, and customer feedback can make a critical difference. Al Baraka Bank is a global financial services firm with branches across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

An employee with the bank’s branch in South Africa, Adhila Vally relies on her SurveyMonkey team plan to gather actionable customer feedback at scale, enable key stakeholders to gather customer feedback, and ensure that she’s not missing opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Vally agrees strongly that SurveyMonkey provides her and her team with measurable and actionable data about how customers feel and makes it easier for her organization to measure how they’re tracking against customer-oriented goals.

“With the outlying branches—the survey results tell us exactly what’s going on in that end of the world—our clients are talking to us directly now.”

Customer Insights Manager, Al Baraka Bank

SurveyMonkey also helps Vally better complement personal interactions with measurable insights and reduce the time it takes to get actionable customer feedback.

Both internally and externally,  we are able to change how we do business based on what our clients need.

Adhila Vally, Customer Insights Manager, Al Baraka Bank

Vally and her team use SurveyMonkey to collect feedback after customer events, purchases, and transactions. According to Vally, SurveyMonkey provides the features she and her team need to know:

  • How well Al Baraka’s product and services fulfils customers’ needs
  • If customers would recommend Al Baraka Bank
  • What customers like and dislike
  • How customers would rate their interactions with Al Baraka Bank
  • How likely customers are to purchase from Al Baraka Bank again

For Vally, a number of features set SurveyMonkey apart from alternatives. These include the survey templates, ease of use, and the expertise of our support team. Other capabilities that stood out for Vally as superior to those of competitors include the ability to export data and manage files and documents used to create surveys, as well as the ability to centralise billing and account management.

Vally says that SurveyMonkey has played an important role in her opportunity to improve value for customers with innovation. The result? Al Baraka Bank has quickly seen value: within three months, the organisation has already seen a return on their investment.

This case study was sourced using TechValidate by SurveyMonkey.

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